Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Group Flex

The hottie on top is showing the others how its supposed to be done.

WOW peaks

Absolutely amazing biceps!!

Gladys grown up

Any true chick muscle aficionado will remember Gladys Portugeus. She was a very cute, hot, and muscular babe back in the early days of FBB. These pics show that while she isn't the buffy she used to be...it looks like she might have some of those muscles left. How about a flex!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Linda Minard

I don't know how this grrrl escaped my attention this long. She is sizzling hot!

Mommy and Me

Check out the muscle moms, flexing with their kids.


This guy is so hammered he doesn't even realize he's being embarrassed by a very hard armed chick.

Wong Way

The highly amazing Lyen Wong.

Hooters Grrrl

Boxing Gals

I love the boxing weigh ins. The gals get to flex and show off. Some of them really seem to enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laura Leone Again

One more of Laura showing us a bit of that flex size.

No Laughing Matter

Jen Dziura is a comedian. She also happens to have hot, hard, muscular arms. I have posted her flexing before, but just found this boxing pic. She once again assures viewers that those are her REAL biceps! I haven't yet found a full size version of this one.

Party Girl

This gal at a party throws up a reallllly big arm for her friend to admire.

Cammy Diaz

Everyone who pays attention knows that Cameron has some biceps on her. Here she gives us a much better look.

Laura Leone

I can't find much on this chick. She is a kickboxer and has terrific stealth biceps. She looks smaller relaxed than when she flexes. Her biceps erupt during flexing!!