Tuesday, December 28, 2010


OK, I am completely sick of women saying they want to be more toned. There is no such thing. Please grrrls, you want more muscle! Its OK to want more muscle...you will not become manly, or overly muscular unless you want to and are extremely dedicated...or start juicing. So hit those weights, build up those muscles, you will be very happy with the results...as will men around you.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rodent girl??

OK, I don't know why this girl is dressed as a gerbil, or hamster, or whatever...but she has rolled up her sleeves to display some nice biceps. I also don't know why they were measured in mm rather than cm...but at least they were measured. (253 mm on the right arm)(that's just shy of ten inches for those that are metrically challenged). She must be a small girl because those ten inch guns look fairly big.

Track me down, please!

Amy and Barb from some show called mantracker. Nice arms, strong and shapely.

Jumping Biceps

This girl is not huge, but she puts on a nice bouncing biceps display...its obvious she flexes often to have that casual, easy control of them.

P 90x

P90x, in my opinion is nothing more than a high intensity workout, but I certainly enjoy this chick demonstrating her results...nice muscles!!

Date compare

This is the proper way to pick between dates, check their biceps. There is no sound but you can tell they are asking who's is better...the blonde can be lip read to be saying "mine are!"
she is right to. The dark haired girls are smaller and softer, the blonde's are big and the dudes fingers make no impression at all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nice arm on real cutie

nice bulge on this hardbody...best of all she wants her arms to be more defined!! something tells me she can do pullups!!